A new documentary from Caterina Tarducci and Riccardo Sartori


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Tied into me is a feature documentary that tells the adventures of an Irish man putting every possible effort to recover his sunken houseboat in Venice after the tragic flood occurred in November 2019. 


The film offers a deep vision of Venice, embracing cinematic, cinéma vérité style visuals on location while telling a compelling story after the known flood happened in Venice in 2019, when all the world was watching the Italian city under water. 


Daryl Smith is the main character of this story. Attracted by its beauty, he moved to Venice 5 years ago and started to live on a boat, to feel himself closer to nature. His approach and mindset are disarming: before the flood, he lived in a simplistic life and now he needs to fight for getting back that simplicity.  He can’t simply abandon the sunken boat and start again with another one because he can’t leave an environmental impact for the community to manage.

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Behind Daryl's adventure, the film hides a deep evaluation on how we live​

Tied into me uses a real news to talk about another crucial theme for society:

Are we living a meaningful life? 

Do we really need many stuff to be happy?
Have you ever asked yourself: what’s the way I want to live my life?

Do we care enough about our community?

Caterina Tarducci - Documentary Director
Riccardo Sartori - Cinematographer


Caterina Tarducci and Riccardo Sartori are independent documentary filmmakers; in 2017 they co-produced the documentary 50 Liters Life, acquired by STV, ERP Greece and Netflix. In 2019 they started the production of Tied into me that finished in 2021. 

Their attention is focused on fiction and non-fiction about environmental and social issues such as the women condition, contemporary society, climate change and sustainable lifestyle.


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