An intimate documentary from Caterina Tarducci and Riccardo Sartori


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‘Tied Into Me’ is a documentary that explores a ubiquitous question “Is Venice Sinking?” through the intimate lens of real-life adventure. Daryl Smith is an Irish expat racing to save his sunken houseboat after the 2019 floods in Venice, Italy. Can he save his dreams and his beloved boat Gina?


While Hollywood romanticizes moving to Italy as idyllic, Tied Into Me shares the realities many expats face as lo straniero (the stranger) when moving to Italy. Expats are outsiders. Which makes facing the challenges life (and in Daryl’s case nature) throws at you all that much more complicated and isolating. Moving to Italy has its rewards. Yet like most of life’s great rewards, chasing la dolce vita does come with risks.

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"I live a simplistic life, but my simplicity is down there even"

Instead of being a harbinger of doom about global warming, Tied Into Me connects the dots between life choices and climate change. Topics from chasing the Italian dream of la dolce vita, to minimalism to the risks that come with transforming everyday life into an adventure are explored.


We need to take one of the most ubiquitous climate change questions the world collectively googles “Is Venice sinking?” and make it personal. Could climate change impact my dreams for the future if I do nothing?


Did Daryl’s risk of moving to Italy on a houseboat pay off? Was he able to save his beloved houseboat Gina?

Caterina Tarducci - Documentary Director
Riccardo Sartori - Cinematographer


Caterina Tarducci and Riccardo Sartori are independent documentary filmmakers; in 2017 they co-produced the documentary 50 Liters Life, acquired by STV, ERP Greece and Netflix. In 2019 they started the production of Tied into me that finished in 2021. 

Their attention is focused on fiction and non-fiction about environmental and social issues such as the women condition, contemporary society, climate change and sustainable lifestyle.

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